Cryptologic slots

Once upon a time two smart Irish bothers Andrew and Mark decided to start their own online gambling project or, better to say, a gaming platform. They did not have much money for that so they took their Intel Pentium 90 and started searching for investors’ help. At first nobody believed them but due to their eagerness and ability to convince they finally found the needed initial sum.

Indeed 20 years back prior to becoming extraordinary e-gaming leader Cryptologic had lots of challenges. Nowadays a number of casinos use Cryptologic online casino software. Besides, the company has two affiliates: the first one WagerLogic is engaged in direct software development while the other E-Cash Direct deals with transactions of all companies which use its software. So, there are Cryptologic slots for fun, enjoy.

Quality and security

Among the core features that differentiate Cryptologic from other gambling software producers there are consistently high quality of all offered products and services as well as top security. These two particular qualities made Cryptologic reputation both among players and operators. Company’s high quality products come with original graphics and storyline. One of the reasons for that is exclusive Marvel. It led to creation of exciting games such as the The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and others. All Cryptologic slots are available both in free instant version and for real money. Besides, each and every player is granted with top comfy playing chance due to the availability of games on PC, mobile devices and tablets.

Security has always been the top issue since company's early years. Initially the creators were deeply interested in encryption theme. At present Cryptologic can be truly called top secure e-gaming software developer.

Cryptologic software

Indeed a long list of products developed by Cryptologic with over 200 games includes slot games, blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, etc. So any player can find a game to his/her taste and gaming experience. The distinguishing features of all company’s products are:

  • Vivid graphics
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Attractive variety of bonuses starting with deposit-free bonus, weekend bonus, etc.
  • Products regular update with new features and gambling options

Cryptologic never stops its innovative activity in e-gambling sector, so check for novelties from this gambling provider on our website.