French Roulette Game

French roulette has become very famous in years after revolution in France, and continues being one of the most widespread table games worldwide. Nowadays French Roulette online for real money has set significant place in online gambling industry. What's the reason of its popularity? Is there any contrast with other kinds of roulette? Let's find out.

Specific Rules And Gameplay

Experts say that this category of roulette is a little bit more complicated than its associates. You'll need to read its rules more carefully before you start playing. The object hasn't changed: you are to decide where in your opinion the ball lands and if you succeed, the winning is yours.

As a rule a player has a wheel, a field to place bets and a little ball at his disposal. A field consists of white numbers which are divided in separate sections. There are thirty seven of them, containing numbers from zero to thirty six. Zero is painted green, the other thirty six are dyed black or red (eighteen divisions of each color respectively).

Seems that there's nothing special, distinguishing real money French roulette game online from others, but here we are offered two additional rules. They bear names of French origin: La Partage and En Prison. La Partage feature means that half of money you've spend on wagers will be given back. And En Prison signifies that the wagers made are going to stay on the playing table till the next round.

Online Version Available – Where To Test?

Online version of French roulette is in free access on more than half of casino sites. If you want to take pleasure in first-class graphics, understandable interface, user-friendly menu, go to Star Games or Quasar Gaming French Roulette casino sites. These resources offer you not only the advantages mentioned above but also valuable payouts in case you play for real! Such options as sizes of bets and playing combinations are easily adjusted with the corresponding buttons. The game procee is initiated as soon as you've pushed Start. Believe in your lucky star and feel how your financial state begins to improve!

Where to play