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It`s no wonder that such popular land based casino game as Baccarat has become very popular on the Internet too – as it is favorite choice of sophisticated and aristocratic gamblers, even James Bond enjoyed it with a glass of whisky.

Majority of web casinos online for money suggest to try free demo-versions but evidently, that online Baccarat for real money is the most captivating and involving entertainment that rewards players not only with much fun and delight but also with impressive cash wins.

In presented article we intend to answer all your questions concerning this game.

  • When and where did it originate?
  • What are basic rules and goals?
  • What are main peculiarities of online Baccarat?
  • What gambling club to select in order to get maximum pleasure and satisfaction?

Rules And Background

Obviously, that this age-old game has its unique history. “Zero” - it`s direct translation of the word Baccarat from French and there are several generally accepted versions of its origin. Due to the most famous one it was created by Italian man Felix Falgreen and by the end of 15th century it become preffered leisure of French elite.

Special table used for Baccarat real money rounds is quite big in size, that is why it always stands in casinos separate area. 3 dealers and 14 players can take part in the round at the same time and 6 or 8 decks of 52 cards is all the equipment they need.

Games central aim is to receive 9 or about 9 points ( but never more), player and dealer are two persons directly involved in the course – the rest are just making bets on corresponding table sections that are:

  1. Punto – bet on the players win with 1:1 payout ( commission fee is 5%).
  2. Banco – wager on the dealers victory, 19:20 payoff.
  3. Tie – stake on the dealers and players equal chances that is paid 8:1 or 9:1 depending on the casino limits.

To Earn Cash Playing Is Easy

As you`ve understood, Baccarat rules and gameplay are not complicated at all and when you join online casino with live baccarat for real money don`t be afraid of any complementary difficulties. For example, Quasar Gaming Casino offers classic variant of this card game with usable and handy interface from Novomatic, restraint bet limits, convenient options set to make you happy and satisfied.

Playing table looks very natural thanks to Novoline high-quality graphics – chips images are bright, use them the make the bet from 0.50 to 500. Bankers and players cards are placed rightwards and leftwards the tables center respectively. Chips, bet, win amounts are displayed in left bottom corner of the screen. If you have some questions or misunderstandings with rules – visit Help section and leave nothing to stop you from dealing.

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