European Roulette Online Real Money Game

Brilliant news for gamblers – the queen of table games, roulette, is now played online! And there is no need to visit casinos for real money, because everything necessary is in access in your browser. Visit any casino site (we recommend time-proved Quasar Gaming and Stargames), place real bets and win real money right in front of the monitor! You may find it in “Table Games”. Why should European Roulette real money game become your choice? Let's find it out in our article.

Some Crucial Facts About: History, Popularity, Kinds

Its history began about three centuries ago in France. The name of the game itself is of French origin and is translated as “little wheel”. Nowadays it is the most widespread game of chance with reputation on casino sites. Why is it so? There are two possible explanations to it. First reason consists in its simplicity. There is nothing special about gaming process and it doesn't take much time to key into it. And the second important fact is that despite it easiness, roulette is really exciting and gets a player completely absorbed in it very quickly.

But when you finally decided to test your luck and visit european roulette casino online site, you may find out that there are several various sorts of roulette, so-called American, French and European. The difference between them is not essential, and here we are going to describe European Roulette.

Gameplay In Figures

Every round consists of the following elements: a table which has separated divisions, a wheel to spin and a little ball. Numbers of these divisions are situated without any sequence. In European version the table is usually divided in thirty seven parts, including numbers 1-36 and zero. Section 1-36 are painted in red and black, and zero is of green color. You place a bet on any number and color and expect till the spinning ball stops. In case of fortune, your money is multiplied. You are able to bet on maximum eighteen numbers.

Try It Online And Earn Real Money!

As we said in the beginning, almost every casino site offers a possibility to play European Roulette for real money. We are going to review this game closely on such popular resources as Quasar Gaming and Stargames.

If it is first time you play, you need to enter an amount of stake. It is easily adjustable with plus/minus situated on the screen. Maximum size of it will be about 500 euro. There is a variety of possible bets, you may read about most profitable combinations on specific resources. All in all everything depends on your fortune! After you're done, decide where the ball falls and push Start and let your journey begin!

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