Online Blackjack For Real Money

As a matter of fact, lots of gamers consider blackjack as a basic table game featured in both online and land-founded casinos and the most wide-spread one in the world. First it was played at the 17th century making it one of the oldest gambling entertainments. It`s hard to describe users delight when it has become possible to play Blackjack online for real money at QuasarGaming – you can not just experience pleasurable gaming excitement but also earn cash being just connected to the Internet. But let us put the story in order and start form the primary information necessary for every player – blackjack rules and gameplay.

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Real And Online Rounds Rules

No matter what Blackjack type you are going to try and what online gambling club to choose be sure that all of them are based on European or French variants. Perhaps, even between these two backbones there is too little difference – both face the aim of getting nearly 21 (or 21, but not more) points amount. If the player managed to win – he is paid 1:1 bet.

In European Blackjack for real money online dealer receives one open card in his hand, while in American he also takes the second face-down. If open card is about to bring blackjack dealer reveals the second one too. Meanwhile cards denomination is calculated due to following conformities:

  • 10 attains number of points that are fully correspond cards number
  • King, Queen, Jack – 10 points
  • Ace grants either 1 or 11. When Ace comes in classic Blackjack it`s always possible to vary its dignity from 1 to 11. Deal when Ace equals 11 is sometimes called “soft”. Ace and 6 hand is entitled “soft 17”. “Hard” combinations are built in the same way with thw only difference of Ace index - 1.

Plenty Of Cash Rewards For Blackjack

Depending on software supplier used in online casino Blackjack real money game owns some peculiar features revealed in interface design, table limits or functional buttons location.

The most interesting about Quasar Gaming Casino is that player is able to test 1 minute demo –version for free and then to gamble for cash. In general, the round won`t cause any serious difficulties as Novomatic supplements its developments with handy and usable interface with informative help sections and comprehensible Paytables.

In left bottom corner current win, bet and credit amounts are always visible for user. Chips value is selected with point arrows placed leftwards and rightwards from their row and is changed between 5 – 5000.

Where to play