Why do women prefer slots and men like poker more?

We gamble in a different way it`s true. It`s a well-known fact that the majority of poker players are men. Are men more logical? More clever? Probably it is easier and can be explained by our different nature.

Psychologists say that it happens because men like winning the opponent, they enjoy dominating while women can be more often found playing games of luck e.g. slots or lottery in a big female company. Thus online gambling can differ depending on sex.

65% of slot players are women.

However in casino there are a lot of exceptions, in fact we can see really good female poker players. It means there are some exceptions. But in fact this gender-division is prominent in gambling. About 65% of slots players are women. They adore this game of chance where with a help of the intuition you can win a lot. They even can earn some money gambling. Your investment can be not big but there is always a chance to win a lot of money if you are lucky enough. Women today are getting more and more independent.

online gambling for men and women

Men prefer gambling using their skills.

On the other hand men always loved to use their logic and skills while gambling. They have always spent a lot on their entertainments. They usually gather round the poker table and enjoy the process. Recent studies show that men are so involved in this game because it requires analyzing and psychological skills.

Unlikely to women they can`t rely only on their intuition or fortune, game result should depend on their acts and mental activity. As a result we have fun in different ways. That is why gambling industry now is developing differently taking into account the gender-based peculiarities.

Nevertheless as we have already mentioned there are exceptions and it`s up to you to decide. Thanks to the variety of online gambling places, different casinos and wes-sites one can chose whatever he or she wants. Good luck!