Symbols that bring you luck

People who believe in luck have their own secret mascots, charms, pendants and much other stuff. Since long ago, people believed in them and nowadays some of them cannot even imagine their lives without lucky symbols. Lucky stuff comes in handy and empowers people with self-confidence in difficult situations. Confidence is the main component of luck that is why it plays an important role in the lives of many people.  

When we are talking about gambling, we are talking about pure luck. Slot machine randomly generates symbols on the game reels. Usually in a common slot machine there are from nine to fifteen different game symbols. In order to receive successful combination gambler has to gather at least three or more of them in a raw. Statistic says that probability of successful combinations is negligible low. However, gamblers start playing slot machines in order to earn money, not lose them. That is why smart slot machine developers have implemented special game symbols, which are increasing the probability of winnings.

Nowadays such symbols are available almost in each slot machine. Those symbols bring luck and hope for a common gambler. Each slot machine has got own unrepeatable symbol, which is designed accordingly to the game thematic. For example in the classic fruity slot machine, there is a special lucky symbol – cherry. Eventually many different lucky symbols appeared on the gambling market. However, various symbols still can be classified in categories.

There four main categories of lucky symbols in the slot machine gambling: Wild symbol, Scatter symbol, multiplier and bonus symbol.

Really Wild symbol

Wild symbol is probably the most famous lucky symbol in the whole gambling industry. This symbol can substitute all types of in game symbols in order to form more successful combinations. Usually five Wild symbols are used to hit the jackpot of slot machine. However, Wild symbol cannot substitute Scatter symbol.

Lucky Scatter symbol

Scatter symbol is also famous. It has got significant differences from traditional symbols. Return rates for Scatter occurs independently of active lines of the game and involves getting a winnings at the general rate. Symbols can be situated anywhere on the screen. Usually three or more such symbols should appear on the screen. More scatter symbols grants more solid winnings. Usually gambler receives a certain amount of free spins for Scatter symbols.

Unstable Multipliers

Multipliers are also popular in online casinos. These symbols multiply amount of winnings by several times. Only problem concerning this group of symbols is that different slot machines has got different rules. Thus, the feature of their action depends on the particular casino regulations.

Reliable Bonus symbol

Bonus symbols are really different. They can be located on different parts of the screen. They give gambler an opportunity to start a Bonus game. Bonus game is like a win-win lottery, in which gambler fights only for the value of winning. Often gambler has to pick one variant from granted options.

Nowadays slot machines have several types of symbols that grant gamblers with high probability of winnings. Usually lucky symbols have the highest winning that is why gamblers call them symbols that bring luck!