Area 21 slot

Area 21 is a five-reel online slot machine of the most curious theme. All aliens somehow escaped and you are the one that should get them all back. This is your task. The aim achieved is not the only your reward. In the process of the game you are going to get lots of fun making bets on 25 paylines and wetting mouth thrill at expectation of a win. Jackpot of 10,000x is waiting for its only winner.

Experience makes the winner

If you are an experienced slot fan, then your chances to win are enormous. And the bonus of 250 euro can increase the probability of your winning greatly, let alone the bonus round which can turn up at the very perfect moment. Sure, besides the experience that you might have you should also be the favorite of the Lady Luck. As slots are the games of luck primarily.

Play Area 21 slot machine online

No gambling is allowed here and Area 21 slot machine demo presented only for testing features. Slots fans are real gamblers and they often tend to go till the end, no matter what the end looks like. The fact that the game is not progressive is another player friendly feature. Progressive games are quite risky. The coin range is 0.01 through 20.00 and the maximum bet that you can make equals 500. Stay persistent and bold and you will soon become richer than ever before.

Where to play
  • Winner Casino