Betsoft slot machines online

Online gambling has come through a lot until it became what we know it today. The first achievement was the fact itself – with the arrival of web technologies people got the possibility to stay at home in comfort, instead of going on a trip to Las Vegas or Monaco in order to feel the atmosphere of risk. Then the necessity to download games onto your PC was gone – you could just play any game in your browser. The next step was the ability to play your favourite slots and other games wherever you go on any platform – a tablet, or your phone, no matter what OS it had.

The famous cinematic effect

Today gaming software developers have to do their best and constantly come up with something new if they want customers to choose their products out of the huge variety of all sorts of game studios. That's why players are highly recommended to pay attention to Betsoft games. As they state, after their “true cinematic games” you'll consider all other games ordinary and ugly. And it makes sense since their latest technology Slots3 makes slots look like movies. Playing Betsoft's games is like watching an interactive film at the cinema where the end depends on your choices (or in this case, your spins).

All slots of this series fascinate players with the richest graphics that you won't see elsewhere. In order to reach the highest standards Betsoft's developers acquired a revolutionary approach to their job – they watch out for the latest technologies in making 3D films and console video games and then use it in their field.

Features never seen before

The most important technology that appeared this way is Expandicon – never before have icons burst in colors to cover the reels! Moreover, games are designed to run smoothly on any machine, so even if your computer's quite old you still can feel the excitement from the picture. Next aspect making the company superior to others is the responsible approach to details, including sound effects – the company involves experienced specialists and musicians to make sure that sounds will complete the impression from the game.

Another reason to choose Betsoft is the abundance of themes. Movie fans will adore Slotfather where you're going to run the business of the great book and movie character. Detective stories lovers will forget about time having a session of Who Spun It, telling a thrilling story of a murder which you, as a detective, are going to investigate (yes, it does have a plot like a story and there are several levels of investigation). Another good example is Ned and his Friends, which tells a story of the adventures of cute baby rats and a guy whose name's Ned. These little rodents constantly entertain their player, sometimes even causing distraction from spinning the reels. They sing and dance, and mess around just as naughty pups are supposed to. Their tricks cause smiles and perhaps it's the best slot to fight bad mood.

Betsoft casinos offer about 200 slots themed after magic worlds, ancient peoples, modern cultures, professions, some special epochs and events in history, centuries-old legends, trips to all corners of the world from Las Vegas to Japan, and so on. And all of these can be played on any platform both for fun and for real money! So don't hesitate if you appreciate high quality in every aspect of the game, take a spin in one of Betsoft's slots and you'll find hours fly!