Perfect Blackjack For Real Money

Try one more variant of a famous card game with the Perfect Blackjack and create your successful plan that will bring you winnings. With 6 decks of cards, there is a great opportunity to receive huge amounts of currency.

Choose Best Way To Win

The win strategy in this game, like in other variations - Blackjack Pro or Blackjack Live includes the following tips:

  • composing Blackjack;
  • receiving a combination of 21 points;
  • having the cards value, which is higher than croupier's.

The first step a gambler should do while playing Perfect Blackjack is selecting the size of a dib and putting it on the bet circles. The highest credit is 300 and lowest is 1. After a player makes all bets the dealer begins to give cards. So a user's combination is seen and the croupier's is hidden. Then a person observes his hand and can Hit or Stand. The first option allows to receive one more card and to improve the combination. The second means that a gambler doesn't get more images because his hand is strong (for example Q and 10, which means 20 points). Kings, Queens, and Jacks are of 10 value.

Numeral cards have the amount of points which is written on them. In case a gamester's combination is higher than dealers or he has 21 points, he gets an award. If hands are equal then nothing is won and the only bet amount is returned. An insurance option can be selected if there is Ace within an opponent hand. Also, a person can choose Split to improve his position. It means that a player can get as many cards as he needs. After selecting Split a gamer has an opportunity to Double Down. These additional features of Perfect Blackjack require more stakes to be made. A user has an opportunity to get such payoffs:

  • Blackjack gives 3:2
  • Ordinary winning is 1:1
  • Stake with Insurance pays 2:1

It is available such feature as 10-card Charlie.

The advantage of this game is that croupier is not checking for Blackjack. So, a player only has to know what call to use and keep an eye on the opponent hand.

Play Perfect Blackjack And Receive Highest Payouts

Developers prepared skillfully done interface with some useful options. For an instant, every person has a possibility to change the color gamma of the display. There are chips of 0,1; 0,5; 1; 5; 10; 25 and 100 size. After at least one dib is selected there will occur such buttons Undo, Deal, Double and Clear Bets. The first one serves for canceling the last move. The second is for starting the competition between croupier and gambler. Third activates a mode which doubles the gamer's bet. And the last one will remove all stakes that a user has made. After Deal mode is pressed and hands are opened, Hit and Stand option will appear. First serves in order a gamer could be given one more card if he is not sure about a combination. And another one allows to leave everything the same.

On our website you will find demo version of the game, and you can view our real money casino list to choose the best one to play at.

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