Blackjack Switch Game

Sometimes cards on separated hands can create lucrative winnings together, but they are separated. However, this issue was solved at the Blackjack Switch – replace cards with mere click and impressive combo will be created at once! Or just enlarge your possibilities to gain victory with its Playtech respected work of gambling.

Blackjack Switch – Beat The Dealer

Traditional table together with classic options and settings helping you to customize Blackjack Switch and make it easy to launch the gameplay just after placing wagers. There are two circles for staking and one between them. Two bigger circles are two hands. Thus, betting for one, the second is filed automatically (i.e. we placed 5 dollars for one hand and 5 dollars were set for another at once). Super Match circle is extra wager for this kind and implies special wagering in collecting matches of the same cards (it is like Poker elements in this game - two pairs and so on). Payouts for matches are depicted at the table. If any wager needs to be removed make it with quick combo Shift button together with pressing on any chip. It assists you in removing few chips, but clear the whole table is faster with Clear bets option.

At the same time, wagers in Blackjack Switch can be risen two times with Double button. The next this game differs by payouts. The main combo pays in ordinary proportion like for other sequences - 1:1. Such difference from standard rules is explained by Switch option that contributes in creating more winning variants.

As about gameplay buttons and tools – all options are traditional, same as in 21 Duel and Blackjack Surrender:

  • Casino tools bar promotes various games from slots to cards
  • Configurations tools regulate various effects and provide Help option
  • Gaming process buttons appear in accordance with player actions

Aiming For Profit

Thus, detailed explanation of the gameplay of Blackjack Switch involves the following crucial points – Switch together with Insurance option that payed two to one (two items for your one wager item), Double during gameplay and Split your hands for two independent ones. Namesake option is the most curious one that should be explained in details. After standard wagering process and pressing Deal button we got such variants for our hands: 5 and Jack (one hand) and 2 and Ace (another hand). Due to general rules Jack and Ace make Blackjack, thus before Hit we pressed on Switch and one hand created main combo. After this step we continued hit on second hand. As you see, it is quite helpful addition to the gameplay of Blackjack Switch.

Split acts due to general rules too – cards of the same value may be divided by player for isolated hands with own wagers and cash outflows.

Player can Hit – ask for more cards during the gameplay until reaching 21 point or bust (cross the 21 threshold), as well as Stand – stop dealing for hand and give an action to dealer.

Dealer has to get cards until getting 17 or bust. If there is a chance to collect the main combo by dealer, player may insure against loss by buying Insurance. Regulate the gaming process of Blackjack Switch with diverse options given to you with this game and just savor each second of betting and winning.

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