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Blackjack Live is a well-known table game and now everyone can play it via the internet. Professional dealers on the site will make a user feel like he is dealing with live casino – same as in demo of Multiplayer Blackjack. So, make yourself comfortable and begin your remote game.

Play Blackjack Live - Earn Cash

Observe this logical playing process and you will catch all peculiarities at once. The main concern lies in beating a virtual dealer and getting up to 21 points. Gameplay is built in such a simple way.

Player hits a dib of some size and has to put it on the table. There are a few waging places and each of them has a deck of cards that can form a successful hand. A user has a right to select from one to all stake positions. If a gamer wants to put more chips he just clicks more times with his mouse and the amount will be doubled. There are such indicators as the smallest and the highest amount of a stake and they can be seen on the table while playing Blackjack Live. So, one card is given to a gambler and the other to a dealer till the time there will be two of them on each betting circle. Dealer receives the last one and it is not shown.

Then croupier turns it to be face up and hands are compared. Every card has its points. Ace gives 1 or 11, Ks, Qs and Js have 10 and the other values depend on the number which is written. If a gamer has got A in a combination of 10s then Blackjack is composed. His stake will be multiplied on 1,5. For example, if a gamer's bet was 100 he will win 250. In the situation when a user's hand is not 21 but is higher than dealers, then it will be given an award which equals to bet. For an instant, if a person puts 100 then he gets 200. But in case a gambler has got more than 21, he will Bust and his stake will be lost. If occurs such situation when a person and a croupier has the same value then no one wins in Blackjack Live. Stake is returned to a person in Push.

Score 21 Points

Here is the explanation of each button a gamer can see on display. If a player wants to take away all his wages then Clear Bets is created for this purpose. Deal option forces the cards to be given in turn. In case it is observed an Ace among croupier cards then a player will be suggested Insurance for a dealer combining Blackjack. By hitting Double mode a person's stake will be multiplied and the third card will be given. To receive more cards he has to press Hit. If it is chosen Stand then a gambler's turn will end. New playing round in Blackjack Live starts when New Game is selected. To place the previous wage on the table it is created Rebet option. A gamer can divide his hand into two parts by hitting Split. One additional thing is that to select Split, Insurance and Double a user should make one more bet, so there has to be enough cash.

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