Royal Crown European Roulette Online

Here is one more challenging version of gambling game that is called Royal Crown European Roulette. A user can see a green table of habitual European Roulette where it is easy to make bets. You have a chance to get a huge sum of cash just by following traditional rules of this table game.

One Bet – One Prize

Wheel is the main part, which shows whether a gambler predictions are true or not. It has 37 segments, where digits are drawn. Numbers from 1 to 36 are of black or red color and the only zero is green. The same 37 figures are presented on the table layout. A user chooses characters by making stakes and then circle is spins. If the ball falls on the sector and points number that a gambler has selected, then he wins. In another case, he loses. However, there are so many variants of wages, that chances to win are very high.

The table limit in Royal Crown European Roulette is from 0, 50 to 5000. So, there is standard inside and outside stakes. First include selecting one (Straight) or two (Split), or three (Street), or four (Corner) digits. Second is betting on columns or dozens, or red-black color, also on odd-even , or high-low figures. More detailed information can be viewed in Info option of the game. Also, there are no wages on neighbors, finals and so on. Additional rounds and progressive jackpots are not supported.

How To Play Royal Crown European Roulette And Win

The first thing we want to reassure you, that sites functionality is organized in a way that all personal data is secured and saved. In case a gamer meets with some problems connected to internet or others, all information about stakes and wins will not be lost. A player will only have to enter his password and login and everything will work again.

A spin button activates the turning of the wheel. After one round is played a gamer will see Same Bet option that helps to make the identical stake again. By hitting Info mode game rules will be opened. A user will be able to see the detailed scheme of bets, limits and so on. To hide the data a person must press Close. Undo button will remove all player's bets from the table of Royal Crown European Roulette. There are chips of such values: 0,50; 2; 5; 20 and 200. A user's current playing data is showed under casino table. There he can see his Credit, Bet, and Last win. Also, creators made the mode which adjusts such parameters as sound and display size. For example, game screen can be wider or shown on the whole display of your computer. When hitting the Exit option the game will be finished. By clicking Help a player will also open some important data about game.

Where to play