Cleopatra in history, in gambling.

This time we will have close overview of slot machine, which is endowed with incredible beauty of Egyptian ruler Cleopatra. RTG Company developed this slot, which meets the highest gambling standards. Slot is famous due to bright personality of main game person – Cleopatra. During her reign, Egypt was conquered by Rome, Cleopatra committed suicide to avoid becoming a prisoner of the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus. Cleopatra was one of the most popular ancient characters in movies and literary works. In gambling world, she is a symbol of wealth, because of generous slot machines payouts.

Beauty of ancient Egypt.

When gambler sets up number of pay lines from available twenty and press spin button, he will be transferred in the Nile Valley, into one of the first states in the history of humankind. On the spinning reels gambler will find characters that bring exceptional association with river civilization: Scarab, Ankh, Eye of Horus, Pyramid and image of Cleopatra. Some main characters have special features. As you may already guess, Cleo is a main game character and she is endowed with a power of wild symbol. Cleopatra can substitute any game symbol, except scattered pyramid. When one or more images of Cleopatra appear in the winning combination gamblers prizes will be doubled. Moreover, five Cleo characters will provide gambler with huge jackpot – 10000 game coins that can be immediately taken out of play. Ancient pyramids can provide gambler with fifteen free games that bring gambler tripled prize amount.

Enjoy great gameplay with Cleopatra.

Cleo was a very smart woman that is why she prepared her slot even for newbies in gambling. Help button will get newbies acquaint with main game rules and information about successful combinations. Demo mode will help them to save money. However, Cleopatra is more generous with experience gamblers, who use mind and intuition. To conquer heart of Cleopatra and get to the coveted Egyptian gold, gambler should behave like Octavian August or at least as real man! Start gambling now and receive an unforgettable and exciting gameplay with Cleopatra!