Gnome slot online

Gnome slot is developed in a cartoon style and for nearly 15 years it attracts slots’ fans attention for its cheerful design and fascinating storyline. Also try Fairy Land slot if needed. The slot's story is connected with dwarves, of course. They mine for gold and precious stones in the ancient mountains.

The game uses 10 images, which are deposited on 5 spinning reels and can make a winning combination on 9 lines. The main symbols are a workaholic gnome (wild symbol) and the trolley laden with gold (scatter symbol, which triggers the bonus game). Of the remaining symbols it’s worth mentioning a logo symbol. Matching 5 logos multiplies your bet by 5000 times. Maximum bet on 1 line is 90 credits. Credits are purchased before the game.

Try risk game and get bonuses

The essence of a risk game is to find a card, which proves to be older than the dealer's card. In the risk game the “play” option is used only if the dealer's card is under eights. Otherwise, the bet is not played out. This tactic has leads to the fact that almost all attempts to double and even quadruple are successful. This allows surviving in the game long enough, until three trolleys appear in a row, which means a beginning of a bonus game.

In the bonus game gnome is busily pacing near the five levers. There are 5 trolleys hanging from the ceiling. The player chooses the lever. The gnome is pulling it. The trolley turns upside down and either a gemstone or dirty slush may fall out of it. In the first case, the player receives a major win, in the second - nothing. If all five trolleys contain jewelry, it means a super bonus and an opportunity to enhance all the winnings from a bonus game by 50 times. 

You are definitely going to love this slot, as it offers not only an interesting storyline, but generous wins as well. Good luck!

Where to play
  • StarGames casino