Video Roulette Online

Playing table games online is a safe and thrilling activity, loved by millions of users. This modern way of gambling is at its height now, so game providers develop online variants of habitual table games, adding some modern features, thus creating a unique and attractive product. All the aforesaid can be applied to Video Roulette - online variant of a classical European Roulette game.

Spin & Win

Concerning rules, no sufficient differencies can be found between regular game and its video variation. Same wheel with numbered sections, same ball to spin, same thrill of expectation. It’s a perfect way to test your intuition - chances, that the ball lands on one or another division, are equal. If final result equals zero, half of the bet is returned.

The menu of Video Roulette is quite handy and contains such buttons as:

  • Select Chips
  • Place Chips
  • Remove Chips - you can remove chips from one bet or from the whole table - in the latter case push
  • Repeat Bets - play with the values of bet equal to those of previous round by pushing this button.
  • Double - increases current bets twice. The program takes into consideration existing limits of the table and funds at your disposal.
  • Turbo - initializes Turbo mode. In this mode the results are shown at once and all the animations with moving ball are skipped.
  • Spin - used to make the wheel of Video Roulette moving, the key button of the whole game.

Do Strategies Work?

You know, that land-based roulette players use lots of various strategies helping them to win money and thwart fate. All these methods may be applied in online game - moreover, as you know, some strategies require usage of pencil and sheet of paper, and very often it is strictly prohibited by land-based casinos. On Internet sites no one can see what you’re doing, so you’re free to use any materials at hand - and nobody can restrict it. But remember that Video roulette has no algorythm of work, so in fact, all these manipulations are useless. But if they make you more confident, then why not to apply them?

Secure, Beneficial, Convenient - All About Video Roulette Online

Three main principles of playing are perfectly reflected in the title of this section. Today many players prefer this variant to all others, because it combines the spirit of land-based game with convenience and security of high technologies. Owing to bonuses which are represented on online casino sites, playing Video roulette may be even more benefitial, than using its real analogue.

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