Play Premium Roulette Pro

First, you'll see a masterly done playing table, which is made of expensive and rare wood where gamblers can try their efforts in Premium Roulette Pro. The interior and design of this virtual game dive into that casino atmosphere, where big money can be given. Select the digit or combination that will bring you the desired prize.

Choose Premium Roulette Pro - Be The Winner

Here is a simple explanation how huge cash is counted into gambler's account. So, a person can observe two main parts in this type of virtual roulette - they are a wheel and a marking table. The first item is a spinning area where it is drawn figures from 0 to 36.These digits each has its color: black, red or green. With the help of this wheel it is decided whether a person's stake is successful or not. In other words it is a heart of the game. The marking table is an area where a gambler is deciding which number or combination of digits will win money and it is of European style .So, a person can make different kinds of bets. For example, he can choose one number (Straight Up), two (Split Bet), three (Street Bet), four (Corner Bet), six (Line Bet), twelve (Column Bet) or a group from 1 to 12, 13 to 24, 25 to 36 (Dozen Bet) or a color Red or Black, or Even and Odd figures, or High (19-36)/ Low (1-18) numerals. One important detail of Premium Roulette Pro is that there are the highest and the lowest amounts of stakes due to indicated limits.

A gambler starts playing when he selects the chip of some value and makes his wages. Every time he points this or that layout on the table, a small hint appears and shows the type and limit of his bet. The RTP is equal to 97.30%

Make Your Prediction

Creators have built several opportunities to make this roulette more convenient. For an instant, a gamer has an opportunity to modify the appearance of the game by pressing Color option, or he can choose standard or split look by hitting View, or he may change the turning course of the circle with the help of Direction mode. Also, a gambler has a possibility to save four his stakes. All he has to do is hit Save Bet option.

Spin button forces the turning process. If a user wants to remove all stakes that he didn't confirm he selects Clear Bets. To place again the previous wager a gambler hits Rebet. There are such modifications of this button in Premium Roulette Pro:

  • Rebet and Spin;
  • Rebet and Confirm;

Also, there is a possibility to multiply bets with the aid of Double mode, which also can be of two types:

  • Double and Spin;
  • Double and Confirm;

Autoplay is created for making repeatable rounds; it has a simple and advanced mode.

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