Fruitilicious slot free play — gameplay review

The game we are going to discuss on this page will definitely satisfy group of players looking for simple easy in use gaminator uncomplicated with additional bonus rounds and any special features, as Firestarter slot.

Novomatic Frutilicious slot is typical pub gambling machine consisted of 5 reels, 5 lines and standard fruit symbols. Lack of free spins, Wild and Scatter substitutions doesn't make it boring because images of colourful fruits depicted in Paytable frequently shapes in lucrative combinations for players extreme benefit.

Fruitilicious slot – review of Paytable figures

Symbols of presented slot are not numerous and their payout values are not scattered in wide diapason. To be paid similar symbols are to be uninterruptedly landed on selected payline from left to right and vice versa:

1. 3 – 5 cherries, lemons, oranges and plums appeared at above mentioned conditions bring 1 – 12.5 credits respectively.

2. Watermelons and grapes caught on reels in quantity of 3 -5 grant 2.5 – 50 credits.

3. Red 7 image is the most highly paid element and ensures the prize of up to 500.

4. Note, that all indexes are provided in accordance to 0.5 minimal stake size.

Fruitilicious slots optional settings

When Paytable figures are studied and rules are comprehended it`s recommended to study interface elements responsible for basic settings regulation.

To analyze playing process from first to last description of buttons options are provided below:

- Bet/ Line button is supplied with “+/-” signs from its both sides. They allow to select wager amount per one line. It is the only button involved in stake size regulation because bet lines number is fixed and always equals 5.

- Paytable section reveals all information concerning Fruitilicious slot symbols characteristics and states general games rules.

- Autoplay button begins series of repeatedly lasting spins that are automatically triggered one by one.

- Start button on the contrary launches one separate spin with each press.

- Gamble option grants a good chance to notable wins increase, however, be careful, without necessary portion of Luck you can easily lose all your credits. In such cases it's important to stop in time and Collect button is used for this purpose.

Where to play
  • StarGames casino