Firestarter slot online free game

In any field customers tastes depends on their personality and worldview position. Some people adore soap operas, another love horror, you may like playing chess but your friend is fond of gaminators. Novomatic Firestsrter slot machine is perfect suit for the second category as it combines gambling excitement with good-looking devil characters.

Firestarter slots symbols review

Design of presented game is stylish and laconic – playing field is performed in white colour with newspaper inscriptions on it. Fire flames, images of evil characters are no frightening at all – they look like glamorous and attractive.

Games symbols depicted in Paytable are:

- fruit pictures: lemon, orange, cherries, watermelon

- red lucky 7

- male and female devils

- special Wild and Scatter symbols

Yellow Wild labeled logotype replaces another elements apart from Scatters.

3 – 5 matches images ( Scatters) appeared on random reels position start 5 – 15 free games with bonus feature:

- Reel Refill is rewarding round of Firestarter slot when symbols are falling from the screen`s top to feel all reels positions. It is played at regular wager amount and can be retriggered.

Firestarter online game – how to play

After thorough examination of bonus courses and prizes denominations the player can proceed to bet size selection which is done through following steps:

- Lines button supplemented with “+/-” buttons provided to choose between 25 bet lines

- Bet/ Line “+/-” signs increase/decrease stake per single line

Autoplay and Gamble options are used for more players comfort and benefit and their essence is explained in following bounds:

1.Autoplay mode is opposed to regular Start button. It begins series of repetaed ongoing spins that are finished with Stop button, as in Sharky slot.

2. Gamble option organizes risk course when the player is offered to guess right cards colour and got the win increased. Collect button allows to take current win amount and prevent its lose.

Where to play
  • StarGames casino