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There is something appealing and astute about associating a game with a real life event. Viking Mania slot machine is one of these games, and it is based on Vikings who are a group of traditional people that settled in parts of Europe and Northern Islands. The graphics are a throwback fitting with the historical theme faultlessly. If you like Playtech slots, try Captain America slot - discover the famous Progressive Jackpot series from this game developer.

Gameplay and Features

Any gambler would value a game that has a greater chance for high winnings. The Viking Mania slot game is endowed with 20 paylines and 5 reels with a variety of symbols. The reels and paylines are found just below the screen. The coins used to place bets range from 0.20$ to 100$. To make it easier for the player, the game begins with a humorous animated tutorial. The gambler has a chance to practice on the free round just to increase their chances of winning. In addition to the over 24 combinations that can lead to a win, there are also the bonus and free spin rounds.

Symbols and Payouts

The symbols are related to mystic theme containing traditional Viking elements such as wild boars, axes and even a Viking horn among others. There are other symbols such as 9, Q and the scatter map which also contribute to the high chances of winnings for the player. Each of these symbols represents a different win, and the bet is multiplied by the number of winnings. A unique emblem is the wild symbol that presents a chance for winning an even higher amount. The scatter map symbols are collected by a player and are used to collect the winnings in the end.

Bonuses and Features

A bonus round is attained immediately there are helmets in the middle of the five reels. A bonus contains 10 free spins, and the gambler is in a position to choose their own weapon. The free spins increase the chances of the player winning even greater payouts. The payout in a bonus round usually goes up to a high of 10000 which is multiplied by 3. An appealing feature of any slot game is the amount of money that one can win. In this case, players can win up to ten thousand coins.

Gamble Viking Mania slot machine online 

Clearly, gamblers are not just attracted to a slot machine because of the amount of money that one is capable of winning. The Viking Mania slot is enhanced with numerous attractive symbols and features, and it has a humorous plot about real life people who existed in history. This is why it is a worthwhile endeavor for those who love slot games.

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