Sizzling Hot slot

A hundred years ago a clever American found a way to ouwit wacky legal nuances – Bell-Fruit Gum company came up with an idea to give a cheap gum for every spin of the reels and in this case the slot machine could be considered legal. The symbols were replaced too – now watermelons and cherries took the card symbols' place. The taste of the gum you got depended on the image you received on the reel and if the images happened to be all three the same, then you won and got awarded. Sizzling Hot online slot by Novomatic is a representative of the old gambling world which still exists, though no longer popular as it used to be.

Symbols in the slot game

Five paylines, nine reels with two and a half symbols create not the most favorable atmosphere for having fun, that's why you will no longer see gamblers standing in lines by this slot. The emulator can't satisfy the numerous desires of players and today is rather a museum piece than something really exciting and interesting.

You will immediately associate this slot with a quiet and peaceful place where eventually you still want to go back for a couple of minutes. Extremely simple construction and long-familiar icons of Sizzling Hot from time to time makes experienced players feel nostalgic for. Once a smash-hit today it doesn't even try to surprise its players with huge cash prizes, unusual combinations or other ways to excite, and yet it's easy and presents pleasant memories of good times to you absolutely for free.

Where to play
  • StarGames casino