Mystery Roulette Casino Game Review

Some gamblers prefer classical variant of this popular game to all the innovative types issued lately. But we stick to the opinion that modern technologies are definitely worth using in games production, and strongly recommend you to pay closest attention to new variants of this game appeared on market - like Globe Roulette, 3D, Mini etc. One of them is Mystery Roulette - a habitual game with some options separating it from other kinds.

Habitual Standards With Brand New Features

If you played any variant of roulette before, you are already accustomed with its main principle - make a prediction concerning a division where a roulette ball should land to your opinion. Of course, the essense is much deeper and consists in placing your bets in the right place and order to get considerable winnings. So, in the beginning you are given a certain amount of chips to put them on a standard roulette board. There are no particular limits in Mystery Roulette, the only amount you are about is the size of your credit, and you always see it shown on the display - so these numbers will not get lost.

There is no necessity to place same bet amounts - you may select different values for each one of the numbers. You may remove them using special features like Delete Chips and Delete Chips Options - they allow to remove your latest bet. When you are making a decision where to place your bet, your time is not limited - you may think as long as you need to. After you’ve determined values, spin Mystery Roulette wheel.

After the ball lands, all the divisions which became profitable in this round, start flashing, and if there are any you’ve placed your bets on, their amounts will be summed up to the general amount of winning.

Mystery Roulette x38 - Why Is It Called So?

So, you may start thinking “Why does this game have such a name?” Well, number 38 is present in the name, because the whole field is divided into 38 sections. And the whole mystery consists in a special place which has 1 and 2 question marks written on them. If you’ve staked on them and a ball also fell there, here’s a chance to start spinning a Mystery Wheel and increase winnings up two two hundred times your bet! This fact singles out the game and makes it extremely profitable.

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