Mini Roulette Game — Online Demo & Review

Mini Roulette game online is another variant of classical play. But this one differs by the amount of sections you are able to place your bet on - their quantity is smaller, than in regular roulette. That is why this variation is called Mini. The objects stay the same - your winnings depend on successful prediction of a division the ball falls on. The wheel contains numbers from 1 to 12, as usual painted in black or red. It also has a zero section, which is colored in blue, unlike others.

Manual For Players

If you ever played conventional variant of Roulette — like European or American - then playing Mini Roulette table game will be even easier. But if you are a complete beginner, don’t worry - we’ve prepared a short description of rules which will help you to familiarize with the course of game.

  • In order to start you should select a chip which has a value you’re ready to put on a stake. After that select any areas you want to place your bets on and by means of a single click wager on them. If you want to, it is possible to place chips with different values on different divisions on playing field simultaneously.
  • You can remove your bet if it’s necessary - just click on it one more time before you begin. There is an option called Clear Bets which allows to remove all the stakes on the playing field. Surely the table of Mini Roulette online casino game has allowed limits for minimum and maximum amounts which can be placed. These figures depend on your current level. vvDetailed data concerning limits can be found in a section opened by clicking on a special sign.
  • For those who are searching for information about betting options and combinations, Rules with detailed description are available.

Hot Keys For Immense Winnings

While playing, you operate with a panel of buttons to control the course of game (we offer Mini Roulette Playtech). Here they are:

  • Spin. Starts a game by spinning the wheel.
  • Clear Bets. Removes all the bets placed on a playing field.
  • Rebet. By means of this button you repeat bets placed in a previous round.
Where to play